Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mt Kinabalu Drowned Rats

Kerry, Melody and I hiked the base trails of Mt Kinabalu today, mostly the trail Silau-Silau. It was a great morning, until....the torrential downpours commenced!  We got absolutely drenched!  Also, because we are pretty high up in the mountains, it was quite cool, so we froze our buns off. And guess what genius only brought shorts with her? Yeah, this genius. At one point we were trying to find our way back to the park headquarters, and after 20 min of walkng int he monsoon we found out we were heading in the wrong direction. We were so fed up by this time (also, I think the girls were ready to kill me because i kept singing 'I wish I had an umbrella, ella, ella, eh eh eh, it's raining, raining, ohhh baby it's raining raining' over and over) that we thumbed a ride. A nice Orinthologist from the University of Montana took pity on us and gave us a ride back...I know adore Montanians. We also took cover from the rain for a bit hoping it would let up so we could do more hiking (it never did), and met some really nice people from the UK and some dude from Holland, all of whom were super friendly. We finally sloshed our way back to our hostel and took a weak pressured shower with luke-warm water.
Kerry, Melody and I take cover

Our favourite Cafe right outside Kotakinabalu National Park.
Kerry and I trying to warm up with Milo...

Our habitations were pretty rustic. But we were just thrilled to have running water and electricity. So no complaints. Then we huddled under all of our combined balnkets on the top bunk to watch some shows on the computer till the battery went (no power point in the room).  Luckily we found a place down the road with a dryer and were able to dry most of our soaked clothes, so that the next day we could put something dry on. One slight issue was that the highway we stayed on wasn't lit up, and there wasn't a sidewalk, so we had to walk to the dryer place in the pitch black. Melody did fall in the ditch once. I jumped in the ditch another time when a semi roared by a little too close for comfort.  Ahhhh...the adventure of it all.


  1. Hey Bec! Pritika from Australia here

    Lolz, taking "a weak pressured shower with luke-warm water," NOT cool...

  2. mmm, nothing like Milo after freezing your butt off in the rain! glad you were able to get warm and dry :)